Monday, December 4, 2017

PhD course on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Are you developing, implementing or wrapping up a PhD-level, Master of Science (MSc)-level or similar research on business models and entrepreneurship in emerging economies or rural development contexts? Dr. Thomas Lans, Dr. Valentina Materia and me are organising three discussion & tutorial sessions that may add depth to your investigations.

Register here for this course by February 15, 2018

Course introduction:

The course provides an introduction to key theories and methods of entrepreneurship and their applications in emerging economies. The key question of the course will entail: why, when and how actors (e.g., farmers, founders of new ventures, business managers or leaders in public or non-governmental organizations) recombine resources (such as technologies, knowledge or other forms of capital) innovatively to seize opportunities or mitigate risks in the unstable, turbulent and dynamic context of emerging economies? To best support students from multiple scientific backgrounds in their PhD or MSc research proposal or thesis development, the focus of the lectures will be on three levels of analysis: individual, organisational/community, and institutional level.

Target group and min/max number of participants:
  • PhD students and research-oriented MSc students at any stage of advancement of their thesis/dissertation: proposal, research design, data collection, data analysis or interpretation of findings.
  • Also practitioners, activists and action researchers operating outside Wageningen University and interested to build a deeper or more nuanced frame to their investigations are welcome. 
  • Approximately, minimum 8 and maximum 25 participants will be allowed to participate. 

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