Saturday, June 16, 2018

New edition of Master course in Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economies

From early September 2018, a new edition of the Master course in Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economies (MST55806) will start at Wageningen University & Research.

The course is open to all Wageningen students, it is part of the Wageningen Mastertrack in Entrepreneurship and also anyone outside Wageningen can apply to join the course if they can attend in person during the months of September and October. 

As a sneak peak of the course, give a look to the course manual (past edition) and to one of the lectures that I care the most, that is, linking entrepreneurship to systems-thinking:

Along with the quantitative evaluations of the course, we are proud of participant comments to the past edition:

Student open comments to last year's course edition

What are the positive aspects of this course?
Among other there was no exam, this made sense in this course. In stead of demotivating students like maybe feared sometime, here it provided increasing sense of passion and ownership in the entire group. That was really great! Also I felt really positively challenged in this course. 
Challenging, stimulating, practical application, well-prepared professors able to share clearly their knowledge.
Enthusiastic teachers who really stimulated the students to make the best out of the course
Interactive components, guest lectures
Nice lecturers, good guest lectures and a nice project to work on!
The strong point of the course is the interdisciplinarity. It doesn't matter from which Msc programme you come from, each lecture builds up your knowledge and skills to create and shape your own business case study. The weekly assignments and the given feedback by the lecturers were also a major feature of the course.
The  tutorials on friday in which it was possible to learn about different new ventures and what these could mean for your new venture. Furthermore, the examination of this course, it is more relevant to APPLY the information during the course. Instead of learning articles by heart.
How can this course be improved?
I really appreciate how there were different lecturers that could give different perspectives and help in each 'topic', but sometimes the given feedback from some lecturers were controversial between each other. That lead to some misunderstandings and unclear thoughts for students.
implementing some hard half - way deadlines
Indeed, there has not been any aspect that I would change from the course. 
Maybe some more lectures, but i really liked the structure of the course
Maybe the project should be clear from tutorial one. Also it can be hard to find a project so more intens help would be nice
This course can be improved by having more moments during the seminars for brainstorming about your own new venture.
Space for additional comments:
1. The atmosphere in the course was special, this might be lost if the amount of participants is upscaled to much! 2. The excursion in the course to the Food Nexus challenge was very special too and provided a great learning ground for competence development. 
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in 'Entrepreneurship'. Also students coming from other courses. I would actually like to attend a 'follow-up' course to delve more into the topic.

Finally, the students involved in the course have the chance to engage in research projects, internships, theses and all sorts of events and extra-curricular activities that we share and promote in our social media community page.

Course lecturers Thomas Lans, Valentina Materia, Paul Ingenbleek and me look forward to work with you and your peers on the ideation, development or re-organization of your ventures in emerging economies!

If you have any question on the course and on enrolment, feel free to contact me or any of the other lecturers.

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