Vision: introduction


This document aims to present my vision about research, education and societal impact as part of my academic development within the tenure track trajectory at Wageningen University. With this vision, I exemplify how I intend to qualify as associate professor (UHD2) in strategic change management, with a focus on the context of global food and agricultural systems, and eventually develop this position into a personal professorship position in the years to come.

Since 2011, the common thread linking my research, education, grant acquisitions and societal impact aims to address one broad multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary and multi-level question: how do agribusiness organizations deal with wicked problems through partnerships within and across their boundaries? Agribusiness organizations refer here to for-profit companies operating in food and agricultural systems independently from their size and position in the supply chain (section 2 – empirical context). The subject of strategic change management suits this overarching question, as it refers to the study of how organizations recombine their resources internally in the context of changing external environments (sections 3 and 4 – research and education vision). Around this question, I have co-founded and developed the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) to bridge research and education with grant acquisitionand societal impact activities in collaboration with multiple international stakeholders (section 6).

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