Sunday, January 29, 2017

MSc thesis opportunities 2017

The Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) - directed by Michigan State University in collaboration with Wageningen University and others globally - operates with companies, non governmental organisations and research institutes with the aim of putting into practice the main concepts of our Management Studies Groupentrepreneurship, innovation, governance, strategic management and organisation – to deal with wicked problems affecting agricultural and food systems: poverty, violation of human rights, resource scarcity, waste and climate change among the others.

Given its goal, GCFSI seeks to bridge researchers with managers and leaders in agribusiness & international development practice. To do so, GCFSI provides opportunities for MSc and PhD students enrolled at (or visiting) Wageningen University to engage in stimulating thesis and research projects. Students and faculty staff have the opportunity to give their contribution to disseminate research and improve knowledge on management issues in the context of international development.

MSc thesis 1: Individual competencies, organizational structures and dynamic capabilities for stakeholder orientation in Netherlands

Suggested supervisors: Dr. Renate Wesselink, Dr. Valentina Materia, Dr. Domenico Dentoni

MSc thesis 2: Individual competencies for emerging business models in Malawi

Suggested supervisors: Dr. Renate Wesselink, Dr. Domenico Dentoni

MSc thesis 3: Storage business models and farmers’ seed choices in Ethiopia

Suggested supervisors: Dr. Liesbeth Dries, Dr. Jacques Trienekens, Dr. Domenico Dentoni

If you are interested to learn more about these research topics and GCFSI in general, would like to get involved through a joint research, training or teaching project or would like to organise an event to discuss or disseminate these topics, feel free to contact the Management Studies Group at Wageningen University & Research, the GCFSI or me.

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