Friday, March 31, 2017

Youth entrepreneurship in conflict areas

How do youth engage in entrepreneurship and innovation to seize strategic opportunities in food and ag markets in conflict areas and transition economies? How can training programs meaningfully support them in this process? Supported by a USAID-funded research and capacity building project in Mindanao (The Philippines), my co-authors Prof. Catherine Chan, Dr. Cynthia Lai, Prof. Elma Neyra and me participated to a book tackling these questions.

Please give a look or purchase the book here!

And let me know if you are interested to receive a private copy of the following chapter:

Lai, C., Chan, C., Dentoni, D., Neyra, E. (2017). “Measuring youth entrepreneurs’ potential: the case of an out-of-school youth training program in Mindanao, Philippines.” Ed. Chan, C., Sipes, B. and Lee, T., Agri-Entrepreneurship in Conflict and Transition Regions, CABI, London, UK, In Press.

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