This research stems from our team field experience in designing, organising and evaluating partnerships and other ways of organising to address wicked sustainability problems in the agri-food sector, both in Europe, United States, Australia and in emerging economies.

It leverages the several projects implemented together with Wageningen University & Research colleagues and a global team of scholars as part of the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation between 2011 and today.

To access recent publications and working papers, please click on the titles here below or write me an email. Please ask me about current work in progress and in the pipeline.

Journal Articles

29. Waddock, S., Meszoely, G., Waddell, S. and Dentoni, D. (2015). "The Complexity of Wicked Problems in Large Scale Change." Journal of Organizational Change Management 28 (6), 993-1012.

26. Dentoni, D. and Bitzer, V. (2015). "Managing Wicked Problems in Global Agriculture: The Role of Universities in Multi-Stakeholder Engagements and Value Creation." Journal of Cleaner Production 106, 68-78. Special Issue on Building Bridges for a More Sustainable Future.

24. Dentoni, D. (2015). "Smallholders need markets, not hand-outs: Partnering for innovation in agricultural development." Interview to Dr. Marco Ferroni, Syngenta Foundation. Community section, Annual Review of Social Partnerships 10, 1-119.

PhD Dissertation

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